Monday, June 14, 2010

Mass Effect 2 & more @ Kmart

Who hasn't heard of the Mass Effect series. I would describe them, but I feel like I don't have to. At K-Mart stores from...yesterday (sorry!) to June 19th, you can purchase this gem for $20!!!!!!!!!11oneoneone! This is a steal. Seriously. Other worthwhile deals are Battlefeild Bad Company 2 for $40, God of War 3 (Yes! a deal for PS3 owners now!) for $35, Heavy Rain for $35, Uncharted 2 for $35, Bioshock 2 for $35, and the stunning original Bioshock for $14.99. So to Recap-

Mass Effect 2- $20
BFBC2- $40
Heavy Rain- $35
Uncharted 2- $35
Bioshock 2- $35
Bioshock- $15

There you have it! Some great deals this week!

For 360 owners, check out the prices for Shaow Complex, MvC2, Splosion Man, and more. There's a section from the dashboard showing a lot of GREAT deals. Most of these are half off!

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