Wednesday, September 15, 2010


This is the trailer shown at TGS recently for a supposed "reboot" of Devil May Cry. I've watched this through several times, but not sure how to feel about it. I'm a huge fan of the series, but I'm not sure I like the westernization of the series. I'll wait to post my theories about this for a bit, so anyone who wants to see the trailer, can do so, before I spoil things.

Edit: Ok, posting my thoughts on what might be going on here.

1. This is not the same Dante from the other titles, but rather his son or something. Parts of the trailer show his hair mostly black, but some white in the back. That or it is him, but with amnesia or some cop-out like that. Sort of the opposite of the twist from the DMC book.
2. It's some sort of prequel before DMC3. But, this wouldn't make it a prequel, just another prequel. Here, he might not be aware of his powers yet, or not fully anyways.

Anyways, I have some reservations about this title. For one, Dante does not carry his swagger nor attitude as shown in previous titles. Black hair on Dante is not OK with me either. The worst offense that I've seen so far is....DANTE DOESN'T SMOKE! It's pointed out several times that he does not smoke at all, almost pivotal to the character (If this is a prequel, where he quits later on, this MAY be forgiven). This is just my two cents on this so far. I'm not fond of the over westernizing of the series, but I'll probably give it a chance in some form.

Also wish there was a real follow-up to DMC4, and Nero's story.


  1. Never played DMC before, heard good things though. Seems to be a game that looks pleasant too

  2. Seems like the trend. Everything gets rebooted so they can throw all of the story out.

    It might be needed. The series has had its moments and it's drawbacks. Let's just hope they know what they're doing.

  3. Never played DMC either, but I'm interested

  4. havent played yet but i will now!

    showin my support, come do the same! I'm trying to get more followers for my SC2 blog about the zerg

  5. Never played before, but it looks fun.


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