Monday, July 25, 2011

(Insert Preffered Ressurection Item Here)

Back from a long absence, I'd like to announce that I'll be working on Game Deals n' News once more.
As the lazy bag o' bones I am, I might have the regular updates as much as before, but I'll do my best to hit highlights, as well as some obscure pieces of personal interest.
I'd like to kick it off by presenting an old article of The NY Times (21st, to be exact), that's a whopping 6 pages dedicated to Dwarf Fortress here:

The Brilliance of Dwarf Fortress

Now, I myself have difficulty, like many others, getting into the game in the first place, but I certainly admire everything that Tarn puts into the game.


  1. Wow, you were away for a *really* long time!
    Following, mate! :)

  2. Lately I have been playing Terraria. The game is not the typical AAA tittle with DX11 graphics that will explode anyone's rig, but it has this feeling of retro and gameplay I always like.

    As for Dwarf Fortress, I'm yet to test that one, but it seems to be a worthwhile experience.

  3. Hell yeah welcome back, looking forward to your future posts mate.

  4. This game let me kinda confused. It's a little strange and looks hard to understand, isn't it?

    But I'll try it. I've never before, but everything has the first time. haha

  5. Welcome back! A lot of people have been talking about that article, I'm still surprised that they ran it.


  6. Looking forward to the regular updates and hope you keep up the blogging!

  7. Wow, never heard of dwarf fortress but it might be worth looking at.

  8. welcome back then! nice blog btw! +followed


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